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NIDA's Stage-Based Motion Capture

Exploring expression through stage-based motion capture and fluid dynamics

Dreamr has teamed up with Electric Lens Co and NIDA to explore on-stage motion capture as an integrated part of a live performance. This was a multi-project collaboration and today we are focusing on the theme of Water.

This beautiful performance was inspired by a story that is echoed across various cultural mythologies in which a water creature lures victims to their death.

NIDA's Grace Stamnas performed both the parts of the water creature and the victim. This became an opportunity to perform against herself, at times mimicking her reflection and at others clashing with one's self.

The team captured the water creature's performance first and worked with Electric Len's Matt Hermans to create a beautiful, hypnotic fluid simulation against a silhouetted character. This was then projected against an on-stage scrim which Grace then performed against live as the victim.

Off the back of the success of this piece, Dreamr is now exploring other ways to utilise mocap as part of theatre performances.

To learn more about Dreamr's motion capture offering please visit:
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