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UTS Central Building Simulation

A multi-platform immersive simulation for the construction of the new UTS Central building

Dreamr worked with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to create a building simulation as part of the construction process for their new UTS Central building. The team delivered this simulation in four outputs for different utilizations and to reach the widest audience possible:

Virtual reality - for full immersion

Projection room - for 30 people guided tours

Screen based - accessible from any PC

Video fly-through - promote on social media

These simulations proved to be an incredibly powerful tool for the university as it enabled the stakeholders to experience firsthand being present in the new building before even the first brick had been laid.

Many benefits of the immersive simulation were identified by the client throughout the course of the project:


Contentious design elements were put to rest once once stakeholders were able to experience the space firsthand. There had been concerns about the need for a double helix staircase considering the use of escalators in other parts of the building. However, when participants were able to walk up to the base of the staircase in a virtual space, they were taken back by the awe of the statement architecture. This put any concerns to rest and the staircase was immediately accepted by the sceptics.


Using the UTS Data Arena as a projection room simulation, prospective food court retail tenants were taken on a guided tour of the facilities well in advance of the opening. This allowed them to understand the layout of the space and identify their desired store location. This was extremely valuable considering that many of the interested parties were not comfortable with interpreting traditional building plans.

This enabled the university to obtain full occupancy of the food court before the building had been complete; a critical component for a successful launch.


Dreamr also created high quality promotional fly-through videos to allow the marketing team to promote the exciting new space via their social media to hype up the launch to students, campus staff and the community.

Off the back of the success of this project, the university is now looking to implement building simulations as a standard for all new developments going forward.

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